Vloggers on YouTube

Vlogging is an amazing way to generate passive income through AdSense but there are additional income streams that you can tap into with the same content.



You get paid based on the viewership of your videos. That's great!
Once a video is uploaded, it can continue to generate views year after year. 

Vlogging regularly on your channel certainly helps to build up your income and it’s fantastic that you’re able to generate passive revenue by doing this, but did you know you can also increase your revenue by selling some of that B roll as stock footage? 

Stock footage

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, I imagine it’s something along the lines of:
“I already make videos every day, I don’t really have time to edit, grade, export and tag all the footage”

I am able to do all this for you, and more.

By working with me, we will be able to open up an entirely new additional form of revenue. There are no fees or upfront costs and I am not looking to be your agent. I only get paid commission when I make you money.


Let’s look at one of the vloggers I work with, Christian Leblanc. He's constantly on the road with his travel vlogs. He is able to travel all over the world doing what he loves and by working with me he is able to create a entirely new additional revenue stream for himself that he otherwise wouldn't be able to capitise on.

He occasionally ships me a hard drive from Canada that's filled with content from his vlogs. I then take that content, cut it up, curate it and then pass it off for distribution to the various stock footage agencies. It’s a great way for him to make more money from his existing work and I get to work with shooters I love to watch.

We both get paid on the point of sale. I am able to do what I love, curate great videos and Christian gets an additional revenue stream to help him pursue his passions. 


Lets work together

I am looking to recruit regular, quality vloggers who are highly skilled in what they do. I’m not looking for shaky, over exposes shots but smoother, more artistic work that has commercial value. By handing over your raw content to me I will be able to turn your raw files into stock footage that we both profit from, with yourself taking the lions share.

If you're sitting on hard drives of previous material that’s just collecting dust then why not let me monetise that for you? Feel free to contact me and let’s have a chat about how we can best work together.