Are you a corporate, real estate, wedding or event videographer?
Would you like to add an additional passive income stream to your business?

The digital camera revolution has made it increasingly affordable to start a video production company and videographers from all kinds of backgrounds are now exploring new ways to monetise their existing and future content. A great way to do this is through the stock footage industry.

Real estate: 

Real estate content can be a great seller, with frequent requests for signed off footage of houses, flats or commercial buildings that really help to set a scene. Film producers love being able to pay say, $250 for a stock clip that can be used as an establishing shot of a building that fits their narrative, then being able to cut to actors in a studio. It saves them paying out for crew, equipment and location expenses and leaves that money in their budget for use elsewhere in the production. 


With the amount spent on a wedding increasing around the globe, more and more businesses are looking to offer their services to prospective clients. One of the ways they hope to achieve this is through the power of video. Footage of the happy couple, of any ethnicity or sexuality (with respective model releases signed) can be very profitable. Additional footage such as candles, wedding cake, food, guests and symbolic shots such as the rings can also do well on the various stock agencies.


Have some content lying around of a factory, kitchen, office or industrial complex? Perhaps you’re sitting on some great transport or shipping footage? The demand for subject matter of this nature is big and it’s definitely worth looking to sell this kind of content as stock.

I often see content that features industrial concepts in various box office series. "The Strain" for example, used a huge amount of stock footage in many of its episodes during season 3.


Event footage can make for great editorial stock. Do you have content that features a protest; political event or major celebrity? Perhaps you’ve got some footage of a disaster? It all has a place on the stock agencies' websites. The fall out from Hurricane Katrina still makes sales on the various agencies to this day.

If you’re interested in looking at the possibility of monetising your existing archive, feel free to get in touch and let’s have a chat!