How do you accept content?

Drop Box
I run a Drop Box Pro account, if we agree to work together and you have good enough internet to upload then I can send a footage request to your email. Once you open the link a portal will be provided to you were you will be able to drag and drop footage to me. Only yourself and I can see your content. 

If mailing a physical drive is easier for you then I can also provide you with my address once we agree to work together. I work with several shooters who find this option easier due to constantly being on the road or lacking a good connection.

Editorial and Commercial licences

Clips labelled as Editorial cannot be used for commercial purposes. An editorial clip can only be used to illustrate a news related story. It cannot be used to sell or promote a product, service or idea. This rules out most buyers (with the exception of news and documentary clients). 

You normally do not need permission to film editorial content regardless of whether the subject is a person, animal or building. Certain cases are still exempt from this such as the lights show on the Eiffel Tower.

Since the purpose of most stock footage is to help sell or promote a product or concept, this essentially puts editorial images in their own category. Commercial footage is content that you have full permission to use as you choose, supported by release forms signed by the models, owners, keepers or guardians of the subjects featured. 

Release forms are available for download below.

Logos cannot be featured unless they are the primary focus of the shot. For example, if you were shooting editorial content at a bank then featuring the company's logo in the shot is permitted. Having another company's logo featured in the same shot however is not. 

Some examples:
A cityscape of London is commercial, a shot of Big Ben is editorial. 
A close-up of a woman using a mobile phone can be sold as commercial if:
- the woman has signed a model release
- no logos are shown on her clothing or mobile phone
An establishing shot of a building such as the European Parliament is editorial, however an establishing shot of a single stand alone house for example, can be sold as commercial providing the owner of the house has signed a property release form. 

HD and 4K

All the main agencies require that stock footage buyers be given the option to purchase different resolution sizes. These range from Web (SD) through to 6K in some cases. 

Research has shown that HD is still the primary resolution buyers purchase; however, as every year passes we are seeing a greater transition to 4K. In order to future proof your earnings, I highly recommend shooting in 4K where possible. HD will still be in use in 2020 but 4K will continue to sell well beyond that. 

4k also sells for around two to three times the price of HD. Giving buyers the option to upscale the resolution they buy is a great idea.


Content featuring recognisable adults, minors or buildings need to have a signed release.