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Turn your new and existing content into delicious passive Income with the help of BlackBox

Do you want to make more money from existing assets?

Do you own a bunch of drives (which probably contain all of your previous content) collecting dust in the corner? How about a brand new camera shooting great quality content?

Everyone loves passive income. It's a wonderful feeling, waking up to an over night sale or in my favourite case making £61.47 while binge watching Viking Seasons 5 with my girlfriend. It doesn't matter weather your a vlogger, drone operator, videographer or specialist, the stock footage industry has a place for everyone. 

By working with me or on your own you will be able to upload and distribute your content through the BlackBox platform, they will handle all of the agency distributions, sales, relationships and ensure that your paid commission on everything that sells.

So what is BlackBox? 

To sum it up, BlackBox allows us as content creators to squeeze additional revenue from the work we do. The great thing is it isn't even hard to use. Instead of going to each of the agencies websites to monitor sales we're able to do it all from one website. Every year commercial agencies, Ad companies and producers spend billions on stock footage to help them achieve their projects potential. Black Box allows us to easily get a slice of that pie. 

All you need to do is keep doing what you love. Shoot what your shooting right now and process it for Black Box or better yet, have me do it for you on commission only.  By using a curator like me I can open up an entirely new revenue stream for yourself and all you need to do is sign up to BB and dump the raw footage on my Drop Box account. Boom - Done.

So how about it? What could you do with a consistent side income every month? 

Just think about that for a minute! Would you reinvest it to grow it even further? Would you use it to continue and improve what your already doing? Or how about taking that dream holiday? How about treating your loved ones to something amazing? And the best thing is, it's not going to stop coming in.