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I'm William and I curate stock footage.

To understand how we can best work together please take some time to read through this page.

Introduction: The Stock Footage industry

For those of you who don't know, stock footage is film or video that can be used again in other projects. Stock footage is beneficial to filmmakers, production companies and commercial post houses as it saves them having to shoot new material. Would you rather pay for a crew to go out and shoot the Statue of Liberty, pay their expenses, kit hire and day rates, or would your prefer to pay say $250 for a shot you know you have the right to use (not own) for a specific project?

A single piece of stock footage is called a "stock shot" or a "clip". All kinds of footage can be used as stock. 
To see some great examples check out this video by Dissolve, one of the libraries I work with.
It's made entirely with stock footage.

Stock Footage licencing may be either rights managed or royalty-free.

Stock libraries offer direct downloads of clips in royalty-free format. Should a client wish to purchase a clip under a rights managed licence then a fee will be negotiated between all parties involved. This would normally grant the buyer exclusivity of a clip for a period of time (approximately 2-3 years). Rights managed licences tend to be rare and the fee negotiated can vary dramatically depending on the subject matter. You as the shooter ALWAYS own the clip, unless you explicitly decide to sell ownership. 

How we can work together

I have been working with stock footage for many years, primarily as a seller but also as a buyer. My experience allows me to identify and curate content quickly and effectively.  Working in partnership with Black Box, I distribute content to all the major agencies. I want to work with content creators who are already shooting great footage, have hard drives full of previous material and want to generate more income from it. 

When I receive raw shots, I establish and curate its value. You will be able to see what I curate from your raw footage, when it has been uploaded to the affiliated agencies' websites and how much money those clips generate month after month, year after year. Black Box provides the secure platform for our collaboration.

I know that as a content creator, the main priority for you is to focus on current and future projects. 
Working together, you will be able to continue doing what you love, whilst generating a new source of income from your existing and future portfolio. 

Stock takes time to curate well. My goal is to develop working relationships with people who are creating great content regularly. Whether you're a camera operator, drone pilot or YouTuber, lets have a chat about how we can make the most out your content.

“working on 40-50 weddings a year, I end up with a lot of great footage, but no time to curate it for stock footage agencies. William takes away all the hassle of this process, so you just have to watch your footage earn money for you”
— Thomas De Lorenzo
“I have worked with William professionally for the past 6 months and I have found him to be smart, industrious, tenacious and trustworthy. I’d recommend him to a colleague anytime.”
— Pat McGowan
Marcus Grip
He always works very professionally. On top of that he’s also very kind and fun to have around. With stock, he brings skill and value to create and curate exceptional content. He wins because he wants everyone to win.
— Marcus Grip

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